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Had a nightmare.

So you were assigned 3 Gandhi, by some twist of fate. 

The first day at school, and everyone is strangely dressed in shorts, like in primary school. The whole scene resembles the my primary school, with the concourse, and my classroom on the first level overlooking the football field. We come in and introduce ourselves to the class. They seem apprehensive, and look a little lost. This seems good; at least they seem vulnerable and open.

So I leave, having them in your good hands. By some twist of fate, I am called back to class by a message. “Come quickly,” it says. I return, and I see you and Iz in a tiff, and somehow, like a primary school first-day scene, her mother is at the back, yelling at you. You leave in a huff, and the bell rings for recess. I turn to the mother and ask her what’s wrong. She says that you replied to her, “You Malay.” I have no idea what the context is, but when the bell rings and the class returns, you do not return. So I am left with the class.

I return to the staff room to look for you, but you can’t be found. I leave after my lessons, and I see you in my bedroom. Only that the bedroom looks strange, the king-sized bed takes up most of the room. It resembles my parents’ bedroom from a time. You are sprawled there, staring at the ceiling, the way I do when I am thinking. We seem lost, like a scene between Jo and I.

And there it ends.


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