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19 Things That Aren’t Worth Your Time

How apt

Thought Catalog

1. Comparing yourself to other people’s bodies in bathing suits this summer. It’s all about how you feel in your own skin, and staring at other people’s flat stomachs or dimpled thighs is only going to make you feel like more of a crappy, shallow person.

2. Listening to one friend talk shit about another friend, especially when you absolutely don’t agree with what is being said. You don’t owe anyone your complicity in their gossip.

3. Thinking about what other people are going to be wearing for an event when you already know what you want to wear and are only concerned that you might not look as cool as everyone else. (Spoiler alert: You’ll never look as cool as everyone else.)

4. Watching reality shows where the entire purpose is having women degrade each other for public spectacle.

5. Obsessing over how much something costs when you know…

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