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In a moment of impulse, I wanted to get it over with, because every day that I’m see the tower of crates is a day that passes without you. And I was morose at first, but now, as each day passes, the anger swells till breaking point.

So what? Could we just not leave without talking? Must there be this inane exchange of words? Begone, because I have nothing left to say. I am exasperated with this state of affairs, and of all I’ve learnt and unlearnt. I don’t wish to dredge up the past, unpeel old wounds, and denude healed scars. We’ve learnt that we’re both as stubborn, determined and unyielding as we need to be, and we must learn the hard way that the most difficult way forward brings the most pain.


You’ve let go, and now I must learn to do so.


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